Partnership with a pioneer: Meet Mazzuchelli 1849

“Each generation, at[a] given time, follows its calling, which is the search for the latest product, the most advanced technology, the markets of tomorrow. Mazzucchelli is one of those industries which exist for centuries, yet remain amazingly up-to-date.”
— Francesco Alberoni

BLACK SERIES by LINDA FARROW brings a philosophy of understated luxury to life with distinctive styles, and a level of quality built to endure. But both require a deep understanding of one the most ubiquitous, yet lesser known materials in the world of luxury fashion: acetate. The material is known for its versatility of form as well as its richness of color.  Acetate’s transformation from material into an objet d’art highlights LINDA FARROW's unwavering commitment to excellence in design as well as construction.


LINDA FARROW sources its premium black acetate from a name synonymous with innovation – Mazzuchelli 1849. This Italian, family-run company has roots stretching back to 1849. The company draws on over a century and a half of expertise. Mazzuchelli's culture of excellence aligns seamlessly with LINDA FARROW’s own dedication to craftsmanship and relentless pursuit of quality.


From raw material to refined frame

Creative Director Simon Jablon emphasises that selecting the finest acetate is just the first step. BLACK SERIES by LINDA FARROW, which uses only black acetate, demonstrates mastery of their material through extended polishing processes, revealing the inherent depth and luster of the acetate. Meticulous lamination techniques create a flawless finish, ensuring that no detail detracts from the frame's sophisticated simplicity.


The beauty of sustainability

BLACK SERIES by LINDA FARROW's commitment to lasting quality extends to sustainability as well. Working with Mazzuchelli's BeCycle program, LINDA FARROW utilizes recycled acetate – a choice that reflects a deep respect for our environment and the future of our planet. BeCycle embodies a virtuous cycle where each step of the supply chain prioritizes positive environmental impact. [Embed YouTube link 1:]


Acetate: a medium for expression

This dedication to both beauty and responsible production allows acetate to transcend its status as a mere material. In the hands of LINDA FARROW, it becomes a canvas for nuanced expression.  This understanding of acetate's potential is why BLACK SERIES by LINDA FARROW consistently delivers frames that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also impeccably crafted and designed to  last. [Embed YouTube link 2:]


A legacy of excellence

BLACK SERIES by LINDA FARROW demonstrates that true luxury isn’t about fleeting trends, but is rather the total embodiment of values like quality, innovation —and a deep respect for the materials used, and their impact on our shared environment. This philosophy ensures that each frame not only elevates the wearer's style but also tells a story of craftsmanship with a commitment to a sustainable future.


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