Linear: In conversation with Michael Xufu Huang

Tell me about the time in your life you were happiest
To be honest I don’t remember. I think everyone is the happiest when they are a child because you have fun and play with no responsibilities.

What’s the very best thing that has ever happened in your career - and why?
I think it’s when I curated my exhibition ‘Heart of the Tin Man’ . It really defined me as not only a collector but also a curator. It showed people my understanding of the art I collected and how my collecting focus is always looking forward.

What’s the one thing you want to do or achieve in the next five years?
I want to have my business running by itself and retire. Or to teach in Africa for a year.

What do you want visitors to M WOODS to go away thinking and feeling?
I want them to always learn something, either discovering a new artist or seeing a famous artist in a different way.

Aside from your own space, what do you think is the most interesting art museum in the world and why?
I would say New Museum because it’s truly the place for discovery and rediscovery. As its slogan ‘New Ideas New Art’ suggests, I encountered many emerging and forgotten artists for the first time there.

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