Life is a Circus

"Goodbye she said, I’m off to join the circus."

Doodles on her skin make it come alive through sheer emotion, dreamlike whimsy, surrealistic ambitions. She is ready, behind the curtain, each pair of sunglasses transforming her into a new persona.

Under the blinding lights exposing the depths of human feelings, revealing a connection that is beyond skin-deep, she comes alive.

Linda Farrow presents the collection 'Life is a Circus.' A celebration of muted tones, opulent metals, sheer acetates and rich tortoiseshell prints.

The looped metal Harlequin and Zazel styles are the stars of the show followed by the Carousel in acetate chunk. Catching the crowds with elegance and ease, the Diabolo features painted rims and embodies the charisma of any performer. The simplicity of Auguste in a simple metal frame adds a touch of poetry.

You are invited to step into the limelight with us and take centre stage.

Join us on our journey

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